We gather on 16-17th of December in Valbona Valley (Krojet e Rrogamit) to celebrate life amongst vast pine fields, white mountain crests and clearest that-you-will-ever-see night skies.

For all mountain lovers, adventurers of wilderness, music enthusiasts we bring he finest melodies by our artists.

A reason for all that have not seen this pristine location, to raise awareness of its conservation and responsible tourism.


⚲ Valbona National Park, Albania | 16 - 17 Dec 2023
Being a tourist spot that is only open during the summer season, we wanted to give more life and promotion during the winter season as well. At the same time and a little adventure for the participants since it can be more snow. Something unique for the audience to experience for the first time.


Guided by three core values, Echoing Beats is a musical and artistic event, uniting creators with the audience through an audio-visual show and promotion.

Location is a place of cultural significance, heritage and historical values.
Primarily renowned for its fusion of distinctive artistic styles, people gather in a one day event to celebrate music taste, self-expression and creativity.


Echoing Beats 2.0 Event (King Zog Villa, Shkoder)

Interaction of different communities, voluntary involvement to promote historical heritage, creativity, diversity and inclusion are main pillars where we support on.

Echoing Beats 2.0 Event (King Zog Villa, Shkoder)

We encourage uniqueness and gifts of every individual mainly expressed through art. By showing our selfs we connect more with others around, grow as a person and cultivate more the sense of belonging.

Echoing Beats 2.0 Event (King Zog Villa, Shkoder)

Music is the universal language and the catalyst of empathy, inspiration and compassion. The sets are developed by artists to create synergy, positivity and keep the interest up without losing the connection with the audience.

Eventi Echoing Beats 2 (Vila e Zogut, Shkoder)


Echoing Beats mission is to organize periodic events with the purpose of promoting art crafts and music blended together through a surreal journey between international participation and Albania’s identifying landscapes.

To be the stage of opportunities for youngsters, a canvas for creators, contribution for the birthplace and being unique among others.

We believe that the Echoing Beats experience can have a positive impact in society that carries out long after the event has ended. Like an “Echo”


The event is only one day. From a range of 10 to 12 hours. During this time, two spaces area created. One is for the artists works. Photography, digital art, painting, artisans.

Mainly has an exhibition showcase style and depending on the location also the proper installations are made. Lighting, stands, informing materials.

Second space is for the music. The stage is usually in the open areas outside and according to the terrain the setup is done accordingly. During the first hours the focus is in the art works and with the sunset on the horizon, focus is displaced in the outer grounds with music.

The theme for the artists is always free of choice.
According to the event there might be alterations to adapt the location but the style and the uniqueness of the individual is always in the core.

Along the day there is a blend of experiences. A communication bridge between different worlds that people bring, socialisation and inclusiveness.


27 AUGUST 2022

⚲ Qafe Thore Balcony, Shkoder, Albania
1700m above sea level.
Half hour away from Theth national park, surrounded by Mardomi and Jezerca
summits. The area with the most development potential in the northern of Albania.

29 APRIL 2023

⚲ King Zog I Villa, Shkodër, Albania
The villa in Shiroka is one amongst many that king Zog had. Walking in its grounds is a true testament that was made for royalty. A reminiscence of Vila Borghese in Rome but on a smaller scale. The years passed and the place was left abandoned.

Echoing Beats arrived with a concept to fill the rooms and gardens with life, energy through paintings exhibition and the prism of electronic music.

Pictures below and all the other in this page (except EB 1.0) are from EB 2.0 event.



Përcjellja e vlerave, të evoluojë, të ofrojë një experience artistike unike përtej kufijve gjeografik, kulturor dhe etnik duke mbajtur gjithmonë një identitet Shqiptarë.